EWRN online conference 19.10.2022

Scoping-tool, impact of the open scope (scoping decisions, input-weight, collection-rates etc.), WEEE collection targets (POM, WEEE generated or is another methodology required?) etc.

EWRN conference in Dublin 15.05.2019

Open Scope difficulties (exclusions, components versus EEE, lamps and luminaires, luminaires with integrated lights). Reporting to national registers (why per producer is necessary). Implementing Regulation subject to Article 16 (3) WEEE2: frequency of reporting.

EWRN conference in Munich 19.04.2018

Changing to 6 categories (15.08.2018): experience with our guidance papers, impact on the scope; necessary changes. Impact of the Implementing Act subject to Article 16 (3) WEEE2.