WEEE-Directive (recast)

Directive 2012/19/EU

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Annex X Interpretation (Proposal)

Article 16 (3) of the new WEEE Directive requires the European Commission to "adopt implementing acts establishing the format for registration and reporting and the frequency of reporting to the register". 

EWRN is in contact with the Commission as regards this step of harmonisation, and has developed a first proposal for the content of this "implementing act". The current version of this EWRN paper can be downloaded here, and may be updated based on comments received. 

Stakeholders are invited to send such comments to info(at)ewrn.org, and may copy also the Commission at ENV-WEEE(at)ec.europa.eu.


120824 Proposal for Implementing Acts subject to Art 16 (3) Annex X WEEE Directive fin