WEEE-Directive (recast)

Directive 2012/19/EU

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EWRN conferenc in Dublin 15.05.2019

Open Scope difficulties (exclusions, components versus EEE, lamps and luminaires, luminaires with integrated lights). Reporting to national registers (why per producer is necessary). Implementing Regulation subject to Article 16 (3) WEEE2: frequency of reporting.

EWRN conference in Munich 19.04.2018

Changing to 6 categories (15.08.2018): experience with our guidance papers, impact on the scope; necessary changes. Impact of the Implementing Act subject to Article 16 (3) WEEE2.

EWRN conference in Munich 04.04.2017

Scoping questions arising from 15.08.2018 (e.g. changing from 10 to 6 categories; open scope and new products (e.g. furniture with electrical functions); new exclusions.

EWRN conference in Lisbon 12. October 2016

Topics: understanding and interpretation of the new WEEE2 exclusions; WEEE2 collection targets and experiences with the e-tool (WEEE generated)

EWRN conference in Munich 21. April 2015

Focus on WEEE2 implementations, national enforcement and problems arising from the new exclusions.